Since September 2020, the Health Education and Relationships Education aspects of PSHE became compulsory in all schools. Our PSHE curriculum overview details how these aspects are covered. The school’s Relationship and Sex Education programme is based on three core Catholic Education Service themes within which there will be broad overlap. The three themes are:

Created and loved by God (this explores the individual)

The Christian imperative to love self, made in the image and likeness of God, shows an understanding of the importance of valuing and understanding oneself as the basis for personal relationships.

Created to love others (this explores an individual’s relationships with others)

God is love. We are created out of love and for love. The command to love is the basis of all Christian morality.

Created to live in community – local, national & global (this explores the individual’s relationships with the wider world) 

Human beings are relational by nature and live in the wider community. Through our exchange with others, our mutual service and through dialogue, we attempt to proclaim and extend the Kingdom of God for the good of individuals and the good of society.

​Further RSHE Information

Department for Education RSE Guidance

Catholic Education Service RSE Guidance

This policy was developed through a variety of consultation methods involving pupils, parents/carers, staff, governors, parish priest, Healthy Schools Team and the school nurse. All views were taken into account when developing this policy and the Sex and Relationships Education (SRE) programme.

KS1 and EYFS had an assembly to start our anti bullying week. Miss Makings talked to all the children about what bullying is and who they can talk too if they think they are being bullied.

We had a whole school assembly this morning for World Mental Health Day. We all came in wearing yellow today too. We learnt about how to help our mental health.