Attainment Information

KS2 Performance Data 2022-2023

Subject % of children meeting the expected standard or above
Reading 66%
Writing 75%
Maths 84%
Combined RWM 59%
Grammar 88%
Subject % of children meeting the higher standard
Reading 22%
Writing 7%
Maths 10%
Combined RWM 0%
Grammar 38%


Subject Averaged Scaled Scores
Reading 103
Writing N/A
Grammar 106
Maths 104
Subject Average Progression

This is currently invalidated data. We are awaiting validated data from Jan 2024

Department for Education(opens in new tab) – Performance data and KS2 results.


Ofsted have recently launched a new School Data Dashboard which will provide a snapshot of a school’s performance at Key Stages 1 and 2 and can be used by parents, school governors and members of the public to check the performance of the school they are interested in.

The Dashboard complements the Ofsted School Inspection Report by providing an analysis of a school’s performance over a three-year period.

Data can be filtered by Key Stage or by Topic:

Expected Progress


Narrowing the gap between disadvantaged and other pupils.

The School Data Dashboard is available from Ofsted via this link. This link provides further links to a Guidance Document and a Frequently Asked Questions page.