Chaplaincy Team

Hi we are the school chaplaincy team. It is our responsibility to plan and deliver creative assemblies and acts of worship across the school. It is our hope that our liturgies, inspired by Scripture, will inspire you to act and behave as God wants us to.

As well as creating our own liturgies we are also tasked with helping children in KS2 and KS1 with theirs; we support with ideas and helping children use the correct planning sheets.

If there is anything you would like to know about our team or how we fulfil our duties as school chaplains please come and ask us.

02/03/2022 – We started our Lenten journey celebrating Mass together in church this morning. Thank you to some members of our Chaplaincy Team who distributed ashes, our parish ambassadors who served & our Year 5 children who led us in prayer, scripture & song! @BishopPMcKinney  #discipleship

08/01/2022 – Yesterday the Chaplaincy team lead the first mass of this year to celebrate the feast of the Epiphany. They prepared the mass and read beautifully. They were joined in church by the rest of year 6 and year 3 as well as the parishioners. The rest of school watched via live stream.

08/11/2021 – We will be supporting @BritishLegionRX  this week with our poppy appeal. #olseremembers

04/11/2021 – Congratulations to our recently appointed Our Lady and St Edward Chaplaincy Teams. We are excited to see you lead our school and parish community in prayer, liturgy and Mass. We already know that you will be a wonderful support to everyone around school. #faithinaction