04/03/2022 – Yesterday, Reception made vegetable soup. We learnt about lots of different recipes you can make using vegetables when we read Oliver’s vegetables. We chopped the vegetables and then all tried some soup.

04/03/2022 – Reception have celebrated world book day in school today by coming into school dressed as their favourite book characters.

04/03/2022 – Reception’s French stars, well done to them both.

02/03/2022 – Reception enjoyed learning about Mardi Gras and having their own special carnival.

10/02/2022 – We are wearing our scarves for children’s mental health week. They remind us of the scarf values of safety, caring, achievement, resilience and friendship.

02/02/2022 – Reception have been celebrating Chinese New Year this week. We have tasted food, made dragons, and acted out the story of the Animal Race.

01/02/2022 – Reception french star from last week.

20/01/2022 – Reception and nursery shared collective worship about Special people.

20/01/2022 – Reception’s french stars! Well done to them both.

14/01/2022 – Well done to these two from reception class for being French Stars of the week!

06/01/2022 – Reception’s French stars of the week! Well done to them both .

16/12/2021 – Well done to these two from reception class , French stars of the week!

13/12/2021 – Well done to all the children in EYFS for their super Nativity performance this morning. The year 1 and 2 choir were fantastic too. Details of how you can watch it together at home will be shared tomorrow.

10/12/2021 – Reception class looking very Christmassy!

30/11/2021 – Reception and Nursery having fun exercising with an Olympic athlete today.

26/11/2021 – Reception began the new RE topic ‘birthday’ today. We had a party to celebrate the prayer bear’s birthday. We sang happy birthday, played musical statues and ate a tasty treat.

25/11/2021 – This week french stars from reception class, well done to them both.

25/11/2021 – Foundation shared collective worship about getting ready for Advent .

22/11/2021 – For Judaism week reception class learnt a bit about the Festival of Lights. Activities involved were making a menorah candle using their hand prints , using card to make a dreidel ( spinning top toy) and they really enjoyed making & eating latkes ( potato fritters).

7/11/2021 – Reception had a shape hunt in our maths lesson today. We looked for circles and triangles outside and found lots in different places.

15/11/2021 – Reception have got their odd socks on to mark the start of anti-bullying week. #AntiBullyingWeek#OneKindWord#itsoktobedifferent

11/11/2021 – Well done to these two reception’s french stars of the week!

10/11/2021 – Reception visited church this morning and Father Liam baptised baby Oliver. We learnt a lot about Baptism and saw the font and the candle.

04/11/2021 – A lovely morning with Nursery and Reception, using their imaginations, playing and building together.

04/11/2021 – Today Reception and Nursery had their collective worship about Loving .

04/11/2021 – This week French stars from Reception class, well done to them both.

15/10/2021 –  Reception’s french stars! for this week. Well done to them both.

15/10/2021 -This afternoon Reception learnt all about Baptism. We acted out the baptism ceremony.

14/11/2021 –  Foundation had a visit from a nurse this morning. We learnt all about what nurses do. We all put a plaster on the dinosaur to help him feel better.

17/09/2021 – Last week and this week French stars in reception class.