Pupil Voice

Our role is to help you when you are playing on the playground. If you are having trouble finding a friend to play with we will point you in the right direction or play with you ourselves. We also help you if you’re having problems within your friendship groups. It is also our job to give you a little advice on how to play fairly and appropriately with our playground equipment.

To help spot us easily on the playground we wear bright red Buddy bibs and Buddy Badges.

We are the School Council and represent one aspect of Pupil Voice in our school. Our team is made up of children from Year 1 to Year 6 who have been elected by their peers.

We have many jobs as School Councillors:

Firstly we listen to the ideas of our classmates and take them to our council meetings. Here we discuss your suggestions and decide if they are possible.

In addition we have to represent all pupils in the school during meetings with Mrs Byrne. During these meetings we talk about your suggestions and the possibility of them happening.
As well as attending meetings we are also part of the interview team for any new member of staff. All interview candidates are interviewed by us and we then feed our thoughts back to Mrs Byrne and the Senior Leadership Team

Finally we are also responsible for buying new equipment for the school playground. So if there is anything you would like write it down and put it in your School Council wallet.

Our library is open every day for students to come and read a wide selection of books. There are lots of comfy chairs and bean bags to snuggle down into and get lost in a good book! Our library is overseen by Miss Greenwood and our excellent librarians from year 5. Every day they help children from other classes choose a good book and make sure the library is always tidy.  Every fortnight children are allowed to bring home a book from the library to help expand their reading range. What will you read next?

OLSE Eco-School Team

We are the OLSE Eco-team (two pupils representing each year group) and we meet most weeks (with the help of Mrs Nicholson and Mrs Harrison) to work towards making our school a more sustainable and environmentally friendly place to be.

We are guided by Pope Francis and his mission to encourage us all to ‘Live Simply’, thinking about how the way we live our lives affects others and our planet.

We launched our endeavour to be an Eco School in September 2019 with a special ‘Green Day’ – each class undertaking creative and learning activities in order to develop awareness of the crisis facing our planet and how we can help make our school a more environmentally friendly place.

Who we are and what we do

Switch Off Fortnight Campaign

Save Energy at Home

04/02/2022 –  Congratulations to our new Eco Team. You were very sensible at your first meeting this week completing your Environmental Review. We are all looking forward to working together with school, home & parish @FrLiamCarpente1 to protect our environment. #gogreen

17/12/2021 – Well done to all the children who received the Achiever of the Half Term award. Always, amazing, confident, determined, friendly, kind, reflective, resilient and thoughtful are just a few words to describe you all. We are proud of you all.

28/01/2022 – Congratulations to our Talent Show winners! St Joan of Arc were awarded a whopping 175 house points, Blessed Cyprian Tansi received 50 and St Alban won 25. You were all amazing!!

28/01/2022 – Another fantastic afternoon had by all at our Key Stage 2 Talent Show Final. Thank you to our House Captains for organising and our super finalists for sharing their talents.

27/01/2022 – Thank you to our wonderful House Captains who organised our EYFS / KS1 Talent Show Final today. We had singing, dancing, gymnastics, acting – such a difficult choice for our governor to choose her top 3! #olsegottalent #futurestars

20/01/2022 – Children in Cyprian Tansi house celebrated their feast day today. They dressed in their house colour & enjoyed a retreat. They thought about how he shared his faith with others & how during this Synodal Process what their dream was for God’s church. @BishopPMcKinney  #synod

17/12/2021 – Over 18,000 House Points were collected this half term for working hard, for lovely presentation, for being resilient & reflective, for being a good friend. Congratulations to St Therese of Liseux who pipped St Joan of Arc to the winners spot by 17 points. We go again in 2022!

01/12/2021 – Our House Captains chose their winners from each class from their competition. Congratulations to all the children who designed cool outfits for Pudsey and Blush to wear to the birthday party. Well done to everyone who took part & raised money for a worthwhile cause.

26/11/2021 – Thank you to our House Captains and altar servers who led us beautifully in our whole school Mass to celebrate the beginning of Advent this weekend. We must be patient, we must slow down and we must be ready to welcome the light of Jesus into our lives and hearts at Christmas.

04/11/2021 – Congratulations to our recently appointed House Captains. We are all looking forward to seeing the fun activities you are going to lead within our school community over this year. #letthebattlecommence

07/11/2021 – Well done to St Therese of Liseux house who were our House Point winners last half term and enjoyed their cinema afternoon on Friday. Anyone for popcorn? #pointswinprizes