Our Mission Statement

‘Living the Gospel’ inspired by St Francis

Guided by Jesus in all that we do, together we are one… one school… one community…one world.

Growing in love for God and each other; showing respect, being compassionate, being able to forgive and giving our best in all that we do to achieve our goals.

Our mission is…

To promote our Catholic faith by:

  • Living the word of God through the examples Jesus gave us.
  • Showing love, kindness and help for all.
  • Sharing and joining in Parish & school masses.
  • Prepare for the Sacraments.
  • Helping within our Parish.

For our children to:

  • Be loved and valued as an individual.
  • Be the best that they can be with an all-round education which helps them to grow spiritually, morally and enables them to reach their full potential.
  • Feel safe.
  • Learn respect, tolerance, accept and celebrate our differences.
  • Be happy, confident, enthusiastic and independent thinkers.
  • Know what they can do, never give up and work hard to achieve success.
  • Lead a healthy lifestyle.

To maintain the special nature of our school by:

  • Working alongside our Parish Priest.
  • Living in the spirit of the Franciscans.
  • Welcoming all into our multicultural community.
  • Celebrating and including everyone.
  • Listening to and respecting each other’s opinions.

To reach out to our communities by:

  • Supporting them through fundraising activities.
  • Welcoming them to join us in prayer and celebration.
  • Keeping up our international links.
  • Making the most of before and after of school activities.
  • Work with our family of schools.
  • Encourage parents to be involved and support adult education.
  • Communicating with and informing parents about what is happening in school.

Individually we shine…together we dazzle…we are a family.