I became a school governor just a few months ago after the deputy head (Tracy Lane) persuaded me that I may have some ability in supporting a team of governors, teachers and the school in general by joining as a foundation governor, I thought this would be an opportunity to put back something good into the well-being of all. I completed 13 years in heavy vehicle engineering, before joining sales in the marketing of Scania products & services, I hold a CPC in National Road Transport Operations as well as an LGV (Class 1) licence.

I have two daughters, although they did not attend OLSE they did attend the Sunday mass here. I am a member of the Sunday music group – in helping to arrange the music /play acoustic guitar, Support the organising & helping with the Children`s Sunday liturgy, alongside being Finance committee member.
My interests include - Panthers ice hockey, Sailing /Helm & crew and Running.

My aims are quite simple, it is to support in whatever direction I can in helping to make a difference with & alongside the other governors in promoting the schools already excellent standards & achievements, albeit challenged by ongoing governmental & legislative requirements that the school continues to succeed keeping at the centre its core ethos of growing in - Respect – Love – Care -Valued Individuals - in a safe Christian learning environment helping the children develop to achieve their full potential to be the best they can be.

I am Fr. Matthew Jakes, the parish priest of Our Lady and St. Edwards since 2014. I have many years experience of school governorship in previous parishes, and I think it is important for the parish priest to be involved at this level in the life of the school. I have been a priest since 2003. In this time I have served in Nottingham, Mansfield and Burton-on-Trent. Before this I trained for six years to be a priest at Oscott College, Birmingham. I am 45 years old, and my interests are, walking, reading, and films. Prior to entering the priesthood I worked as a solicitor having a CPE and an LPC in law. I also have an honours degree in history from the University of Durham.

I have been teaching at St Edwards for 12 years now and last year an opportunity arose for me to become a member of the Governing body - an opportunity I could not refuse! As the schools staff governor, I currently sit on the Standards committee.
I became a staff governor as I strongly believe that an outstanding school is more than just ‘The School’ - learning does not simply start and stop within a classroom! As a governor I am able to work alongside staff, parents, members of the parish and the local community to share ideas, thoughts and feelings about our school and how best we can support all our pupils’ educational, spiritual and emotional growth.
My aims as a governor are that the whole school and wider community together, provide and inclusive, happy and encouraging learning environment that develops knowledge, skills and understanding throughout all the curriculum subjects to enable all children of St Edwards, the foundation to pursue ambitions with confidence in later life. It is important to recognise and respond to the diverse needs of each child at St Edwards and help potential barriers to their learning be overcome, which will raise attainment, motivation and self-esteem.

I am a parishioner of Our Lady & St Edward’s, a member of the parish pastoral council and a newcomer to school governance.  As a social worker involved with safeguarding and with the care of looked after and vulnerable children I have worked in partnership with schools for many years.  I have the highest regard for what schools can do for the complex needs of many of our children and their families.  There is no substitute for the quality of their education and preparation for life.  I have now retired as a team leader and service manager in a fostering agency.  I am happy to work with the governing body and staff of Our Lady & St Edward’s School and also to be part of the range of experience and skill we can collectively bring in support of all that the school stands for.  It is a good way for the community to serve our young people.