Lent 2's house point winners were Blessed Cyprian Tansi. Every member of the house was treated to their very own Easter egg, although lots of our children had to save them as they have given up chocolate for Lent! Well done to everyone this half term.





The winners of Lent 1 half term were St Therese of Lisieux! With the help of Mrs Nicholson and Mrs Chyla they had their very own tea party, they spent the moning making all the tasty treats and got to share them together in the afternoon.

"Red house's prize was amazing. It was an enjoyable afternoon and was fun to decorate the gingerbread and cupcakes." Yorsalem Year 5

"There were lots of snacks and they were delicious. The sandwiches were good! The gingerbread men were the best." Johnny Year 3

"I enjoyed the tea party lots becuse I shared it with my friends." Marianna Year 4.








Last half term Joan of Arc house got the most house points. As a reward they got to have their very own cinema afternoon. Complete with popcorn and lots of comfy seats.

"It was a funny film, the food was amazing and there was so much." Julia Year 5

"The film was interesting." Erin Year 6

"It was a good reward, I love eating the popcorn." Zechariah Year 6

"I was so cosy on the chairs." Dararn Year 2

"A good 9/10 film and lots of food. What's not to like?" Takem Year 5