This Friday the whole school is raising money for our school in Ghana! We will all be taking part in different exercise circuits to not only keep fit but help raise money for an amazing cause. Check our twitter for pictures on the day. 

Our trip to the Becket was fantastic as we got to work in a labotory and be scientists for the morning!

Before we went to the Becket, we planned our science experiment - Which is the most absorbant nappy! We watched a video and discussed what we saw. Next we thought about risk assessments, predictions, variables, method and how we were going to record our results.

On Tuesday 7th June we took a bus to the Becket to carry out the experiment. Before going into the lab we had to put on white lab coats and safety goggles (to reduce the risk of anything hurting). The Becket staff were billiant and very helpful. We learnt lots from them about how to do science carefully, safely and accurately.

The day was amazing we had fun experiencing this opportunity!

We’ve had a really busy start to the Spring term with our new history topics beginning in each class. We’ve also had a mass and a Collective worship which we were really pleased to see so many of our parents coming to.
We are hoping to get our weekly blogs up and running again this term so look out for our updates on the website!