13th March 2020

Thank you to all families and governors who joined us today for our Laboratory Lab Afternoon. It was a super celebration of all the wonderful science that has taken place throughout the week.




11th March 2020

Winners of the make a potato into your favourite book character. Thank you to everyone who took part. Lots of fabulous entries. Well done.




Lots of fun was had by everyone during World Book Day. Thank you to everyone for taking part, coming in your pyjamas and having lots of fun.











The year is almost done but the fun doesn't stop! Over the past couple of weeks we have done some lovely activities. 

We went to Twycross Zoo, we've learnt more about a different religion - Islam and we've enjoyed the weather!



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Year 6 were lucky enough to have the pleasure of Bella Ramsey's company last Friday. Hear about what happened from our year 6 pupil, Mia;

"When Bella Ramsey came into school we first greeted her and got to know Bella a liitle more than we already do so we can work with her well in our PWA session that she was joining in with. We played lots of fun games were we worked at a team and used all our qualities we have learnt from our PWA sessions with Bella so she would know what a real session is like. At the end of the session we all said how we was feeling and Bella said she had a great time working with us and we did to. We also got autographs from Bella which we were very happy about."

As part of our Lenten journey, our school choir performed Born for this. They performed 3 very moving performances in front of their peers, parents and members of the church parish. They were a credit to themselves and the school. 


We took part in National maths day, we began with an assembly where we thought about maths in our everyday lives. Did you know that every job needs maths? We came to school in maths themed clothes our school was full of playing cards, dominoes, numbers and even Count Dracula!


We then split into groups and took part in lots of practical maths activities.

We did...




Biscuit decorating

Maths art 


We had such a good day and learnt that the skills we learn in maths prepare us for life! 



KS2 had the pleasure of having 3 Father Pauls in for reconciliation this week. We had time to reflect on things we have done wrong and mistakes we have made. We were given the chance to receive the sacrement of reconciliation. We know with Jesus' good example we can all make positive changes in our lives to live more like him.

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