We took part in National maths day, we began with an assembly where we thought about maths in our everyday lives. Did you know that every job needs maths? We came to school in maths themed clothes our school was full of playing cards, dominoes, numbers and even Count Dracula!


We then split into groups and took part in lots of practical maths activities.

We did...




Biscuit decorating

Maths art 


We had such a good day and learnt that the skills we learn in maths prepare us for life! 



KS2 had the pleasure of having 3 Father Pauls in for reconciliation this week. We had time to reflect on things we have done wrong and mistakes we have made. We were given the chance to receive the sacrement of reconciliation. We know with Jesus' good example we can all make positive changes in our lives to live more like him.

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In the last week of half term we had a fabulous art week. We focused on nature and created 2D and 3D pictures and showed them off in a gallery. We have so many budding young artists it was a great chance to showcase the talent we have here. 



This week on Tuesday, across the school we took part in safer internet day. This year's theme is work together for a better internet. We began with an assembly then went into classes and took part in lots of internet safety activities such as a quiz, making posters and creating online safety videos. From nursey all the way to year 6 everyone took part and learned something.


Today (Monday 4th February) we had our house competition it was a talent show! It was a fun-filled afternoon with lots of dancing, singing, jokes and magic. Well done to all who took part especially our winners. 


Axel and Amelia


Aidan and Debbie

Favour, Horeyb and Jade



Klaudia, Jackie, Weronkia and Julia

Wildcard winners

Taylen and Abisola