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I try to follow our school and classroom rules


On Tuesday 6th February it was National Safer Internet Day. To celebrate we took part in many activites, watch the video below to find out more!


In our PSHCE this term we are going to focus on 'Networks'. It is a chance to look at the different ways we connect with those around us. The word 'Friend' has changed it's meaning quote alot recently. A 'friend' can simply be someone your connected too online and who you may have never met or spoken too! Think this week about what real friendship is. How can you be a good frined and who are the friends that matter the most to you?


John 1: 40-42

One of them was Andrew, Simon Peter's brother. At once he found his brother Simon and told him, "We have found the Messiah." (This word means "Christ.")

Then he took Simon to Jesus.


How do we connect with Jesus? Do you find it easy to pray?


Six easy steps to translating documents on our website:

1. Save letter/document to your computer
2. Click on school website
3. Click ‘translate a document’
4. Browse to saved document
5. Select new language
6. Click 'translate'

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